Hey kiddos. It’s Tuesday. I’m back at work, much more alive than last week, but still hacking up a lung like eww. That nasty bug kicked my butt for over a week, but now I’m kicking back. Bam. Z-Pak. Take that, nasty bug!

Yeah, so anyways, I’ve been totally MIA on here the last week or two, minus some totally necessary royal wedding commentary and a couple more sneaky peeks of Aleska and Alex’s wedding. I know, you missed me dearly, right?? Aww shucks. I missed you too.

I don’t have anything spectacularly amazing to write about or any lovely photos of my own to post today…really, it’s lunchtime, and I was starting to feel a bit guilty for neglecting poor my little bloggie for so long. So, here I am, chatting your eyes off about nothing in particular. I mean, it’s a Tuesday. Not as bad as a Monday, no cool nickname like Hump Day, not the day before Friday, and not Friday the Glorious itself. Tuesday is the redheaded stepchild of the work week.


Glee is on tonight. Which makes me think someone was a genius when they did the scheduling and thought “Let’s give those poor, hard-working Americans something to look forward to on a Tuesday. Let’s give them Glee.”

Brilliant, genius tv show scheduler. Thank you for that. Now I heart Tuesdays.

So, maybe since I have had no idea where this rambling stream of consciousness was going since I starting typing, we should continue on the path of random and just look at some images of great Glee fashion. I would pretty much chew off my left arm if I could live in Rachel or Emma’s wardrobes. But then I’d look wonky in those clothes with only one arm, and all that bleeding would be way inconvenient, so maybe I would give something else instead. Whatever. Point is, I love me some Glee style.

I wish I had the sense to dress like Rachel in high school. Oh wait…I wore a uniform in high school. But I was totally the obnoxious teacher’s pet type, so I think I could have pulled off the preppy-cutesy-chic style. I can’t get over all the plaid, polka dots, and primary colors. And I’m a big fan of the socks with loafers. I might need to try that in real life soon.

(image source)

(image source)

(image source)

(image source)

Then, there is the lovely Emma Pillsbury. I think she is the grown-up, classed up version of Rachel. She tends more towards jewel tones, and almost everything she wears has a bow or flower embellishment. And if you know me, you know my love for cardigans. They are the perfect touch to any outfit. Emma’s addition of the little collar chain clasp thing is just darling. Might have to hit up a thrift store to find one of those for myself.

(image source)

(image source)

(image source)

(image source)

Alright, there’s your dose of Glee style. I could go on, but I’ll leave the totally Gleeking out behind the scenes. I’m sure you’ve had enough for one day. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Tuesday.

  1. Once_a_King

    I never paid any attention to fashion until you hit up the Royal Wedding and Glee. Wow, you are going to cure my culural deprivation single-handedly. I also love when you ramble — everything you say is interesting .

    1. Anwen Elizabeth Photography Post author

      Haha, that IS my ultimate goal…cure your cultural deprivation. 😉


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