Under the Weather Like Whoa

Hey peoples! Sorry for the lack of blog posts in the last week or so. I have been under the weather like whoa, pretty much stuck on the couch for 4 days now. And over Easter weekend too! Super lame. Some sort of flu/sinus infection combo of death just took me out for a few days. No editing, no blogging, no real job, no going anywhere…just me, on my couch, napping throughout the day, eating ridiculous amounts of Key Lime Pie frozen yogurt and endlessly streaming Netflix. If I hadn’t felt so horrible it would have actually been kind of fun.

But anyways, enough about that…I figured I had gone long enough without posting something up here for you lovely people, so how’s about a couple more sneak peeks of Alex and Aleska’s wedding? I know, I’ve kept you all waiting far too long for the full post of this wedding, but I’ll have the rest up soon, I promise.


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