Blogger’s Block

Sometimes I get blogger’s block. You know, when you sit in front of the computer, your fingers hovering over the keys that should be making the lovely tip-tapping sounds that indicate you are writing some sort of brilliant, witty, inspiring post…but alas, there is nothing but silence and that feeling in your stomach like it’s the night before a 5-page paper is due and all you’ve accomplished so far is to cry hysterically on the phone to your mom that you are going to absolutely fail out of college because this one paper is just that important and then the world is going to end and you’ll never get married and maybe you should change your major because this one requires you to write deathly papers and everything is terrible…

No, no I was not a drama major. Why do you ask?

At least when you have blogger’s block you can just write something short and snarky and post a pretty picture and call it a day.

Done and done.

Photo by me 🙂

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