Late Night Lazy Creativity | The Re-Purposed Frame

Yesterday I re-purposed a fruit basket. Well, I did that on Saturday, but showed you yesterday…oh nevermind. You get it.

Today, I shall show you the re-purposed frame. Again, disclaimer. These little projects are examples of lazy creativity. I totally got excited about crafting on my un-planned weekend, and I then lost all motivation to actually do them the right way since the idea struck me at like 10pm on a Saturday and I got tired as soon as I began. You should just be happy I took photos to share.

Ok, so the thought process was the same for this project…in a nutshell, I need a better way to display my accessories so they are easy to see. Headbands are now on a fruit basket, but I’ve got these pesky beautiful flower pins/hair clips that need a home.

Step 1: Locate an empty frame that conveniently has a Styrofoam piece instead of cardboard backing.

Step 2: Pick out some fabric from your scrap fabric drawer. (Every good crafter needs a scrap fabric drawer. My mom had a scrap fabric CEDAR CHEST, which was pretty much the coolest thing ever. I aspire to be that craftingly cool someday, but for now, I gots a drawer.)


Sorry the fabric photo is blurry…I forgot to take a picture of the fabric by itself, so I just enlarged a swatch of it from the final shot…way lame, I know. I’ll get better at the crafting posts, I promise.

Step 3: (I did not do this step, but I probably should have. Don’t judge me.) Spray paint the frame a color that goes with the fabric. In my case, I had brown patterned fabric and a black frame…AND I JUST LEFT IT THAT WAY. Oh the horror. No but seriously…I don’t think it looks all that bad, and it does the job for now. I’m sure I’ll continue to get more flower pins (because I’m so Carrie Bradshaw like that), and when I upgrade to a bigger frame I’ll do this craft the “right” way.

Step 4: Cut the fabric so that it’s about an inch or two wider than the Styrofoam backing piece thing.

Step 5: (Lazy alert!) Get a handful of thumbtacks (the flat kind), fold the fabric around the edges of the foam, and tack the fabric down. And don’t worry if the tacks start falling out, because a few will manage to stick, and once you put the Styrofoam back into the frame and put the metal claspy thingys back into place, everything will be ok. (To be slightly less lazy, you could use hot glue. But tacks just seemed so logical at the time!)

Step 6: Hang on your wall and adorn with flowers (and/or a Venician carnival mask, if you are so inclined). Admire your handiwork.


(Following steps are optional.)

Step 7: Vow to be less lazy next time and paint the frame.

Step 8: Play dress up with your clothes for hours because you can now see all your accessories.

Step 9: Buy more flower pins, because the other ones are lonely.


One thought on “Late Night Lazy Creativity | The Re-Purposed Frame

  1. Mom

    I like the black frame. I vote to leave it that way. Do you think you could, also, stick brooches on there? A very cool craft! and you’re welcome to raid my cedar chest full of fabric anytime you want! Love, Mom


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