Late Night Lazy Creativity | The Re-Purposed Fruit Basket

Ok, I keep talking about how I un-planned my weekend, right? Well, apparently my lack of structure gave me a much needed jolt of creativity and inspiration. Ok, that makes it sounds like I came up with some brilliant idea, but really I just re-purposed a couple things laying around my apartment.

The line of thinking went started like this…Wow, my accessories are kind of a mess…where should I put this new scarf…Or these rings…Crap, I really need to organize my stuff better…I wish I had a bigger closet with an empty wall for accessories…Someday I’ll have a closet like Carrie Bradshaw’s….the one in the movie, not the show…and it will have carpet, and mirrors, and Manolos floor to ceiling…and, and…oh man, my stuff is still a mess…Ok, I need to organize…these headbands and flower pins need a home…ah, look at this fruit basket…and this frame….

Haha…or something like that. I had a fruit basket I was getting rid of and two frames I was going to get rid of, so I decided to re-purpose them instead. Today, you get to see the fruit basket transformation.  Tomorrow, frame # 1. And if we are lucky and I stay on this crafty blogging streak, you’ll get to see frame #2 the day after that.

Keep in mind that while I think these are decent little crafts, I was also WAY lazy with these projects. But don’t worry, I’ll own up to the spots where I was lazy so maybe if someone out there actually tries this for themselves, they can do it better/nicer/more awesomer than I did.

Alright, here goes…

Step 1: Locate previously abandoned fruit basket.

Step 2: Bend the handles back and forth until the thin wire just snaps off. (This was actually an accident. I was just trying to bend in the handles, and then the wire snapped after fiddling with it too much. But I actually like it without the handles.)

Step 3: (Here’s where the lazy comes in…I DID NOT do this step, obvious by the lack of photo. But if you are cooler and more motivated than me, you should do it.) Spray paint the basket so it is a pretty color that goes with your décor. (Rather than just blending right into your rented-apartment stark white walls.)

Step 4: Nail fruit basket to the wall.

Step 5: Slide headbands in the mesh/wire/whatever it is.

Step 6: Pat yourself on the back. You were just semi-creative at 10 pm on a Saturday. (Because THAT is how cool kids spend Saturday nights. Duh.)


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