Lexie | After

Remember how shaggy sweet little Lexie was? How I was a busy puppy mommy who hadn’t taken her to get groomed in far too long? Well, last week she visited the puppy beauty salon, and I must say…she looks quite lovely. 🙂 (You can see her “Before” photo HERE.)

Aww, precious, isn’t she?? Yep. 🙂

In other news, I really did un-plan my weekend, and it was wonderful. I think I was even more productive with my time than I am when everything is perfectly scheduled out. I got everything done I wanted to and more, AND I even found time to relax by the pool with a friend, take a leisurely afternoon nap, and I even watched a movie without working at the same time. I watched just to watch.

On a sidenote, I watched The Kids Are All Right, which I expected to be amazing since it was all award-winning and whatnot, but it was just so-so. Interesting, good acting, but didn’t really draw me in like I thought it would. Hmm. Next of my list of award-winning-movies-from-this-year-that-I-should-probably-see-while-they-are-still-relevant…The King’s Speech. It might even still be in the theaters…I should probably get on that. I saw Black Swan, which was phenomenal AND phenomenally disturbing, but I still haven’t seen The Fighter either. Maybe that will be my just-because movie next weekend.

Ok, this post just got SUPER rambling, but it’s Sunday night as I type this and I’m watching the Mildred Pierce mini series (excellent btw) and I’ve still got some stuff I need to do before bed. So, I’ll end the rambles here, and say Happy Monday (since that’s when you’ll be reading this…ah, the magic of post scheduling) and have a great week! 🙂


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