The Plan to Un-Plan

Hey, kids…did you know it’s Friday? Because it’s totally Friday. As in, the last day of the week. As in, I have an ENTIRE free weekend ahead of me!!! It’s FRIDAY!!

This is a rare occurance. (Not the Friday thing. Duh.) This idea of having a weekend with literally NOTHING planned is just unheard of for me these days. Ha, but typical me, the second I glanced at my planner and realized my freedom, I began thinking of all the things I would do with my time.

Lay out by the pool…read for hours on end…go shopping again…deep clean my apartment…cook a big meal that will feed me off leftovers for a week…nap in the afternoon (both days!)…finish culling a wedding and start editing it…pack and ship the disks waiting to go out to clients…write and schedule a few blog posts for next week…hang out at Starbucks with my laptop sipping an Americano…get a hard workout in both mornings… 

Oh. my. goodness.

Yep…somehow I manage to take free time and turn it into a list a mile long and stress oozing out my ears just thinking about it. Seriously…why do I do this to myself??

But, that’s why I wrote this post. To get it out of my system. To wipe my brain clean before this weekend. To give myself a reality check that yes, some of these things need to get done and I’m sure they will, but others can wait.

To remind myself that sometimes it’s ok to just take it a day at a time, without a plan, without a list, without worries.

I’ll let you know how my plan to un-plan goes.

And…if all else fails…I could always just buy 100 cakes and have a weekend that looks like this…

Image via The Neotraditionalist, originally published in British Vogue


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