Hannah | Just Because

Shooting for fun is endlessly refreshing. It’s such a relief sometimes to just shoot what I want, when I want, just because I want to. Don’t get me wrong…I love that I am able to make money doing something I love so much, and I really love all my clients…but occasionally, it’s just nice to get real with my camera, point it in a new direction, and push myself to look at a subject differently. So, that’s where photog playtime comes in.

When my friend Hannah visited a couple weeks ago, we decided to go out and just shoot each other (nicely, of course). Somehow I have a number of stunningly gorgeous friends who are also talented photographers, which makes for super fun photog playtime when we get together. (Remember Jacquie from a couple weeks ago? How I shot her and she shot me? SUPER FUN!)

Seriously, I have gorgeous friends. Love it.


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