Dreaming House

I’m a dreamer, in every sense of the word. Whether it’s about where my career will take me, who my husband will be, or how many dogs I’ll have running around my house someday. So it’s no surprise that following design blogs gets me dreaming about what my house will look like someday. Right now I love that I’m a renter (free maintenance!? yes please.), but I am very much looking forward to owning my own house or condo someday, a place all my own that I can decorate any way I choose.

So I thought today I’d let you in on my dreams and show you a few elements I would LOVE to have in a house someday. (And this is assuming I am all kinds of rich and have a limitless budget. Because I’m super realistic, obviously.)

First up, French doors….and double ones, no less! Love how it opens up that room so perfectly.

Image via coco + kelley

A garage door in your living room that opens to some sort of lovely patio thing. This may not be very practical, but dream with me, won’t you?

Image via coco + kelley

Exposed brick…anywhere and everywhere. It’s been my dream for a while now to have an apartment with exposed brick walls, but I would gladly take a ceiling of exposed brick in my kitchen instead. Just love how it warms up the room and makes it feel like you are cooking in a villa in Tuscany or something.

Image via coco + kelley

Ok, this one might be a long shot (unless that super rich thing happens), but I would LOVE to have my own dressing room. The one below belongs to blogger Alaina Kaczmarski (of Live Creating Yourself), and it’s divine. Could I just turn my bedroom into a dressing room? I mean, I could totally just sleep on the couch and get rid of my bed, right?? That’s totally reasonable.

Image via Live Creating Yourself

And then there is Bailey McCarthy’s (of Peppermint Bliss) dressing room/closet. Le sigh.

Image via Rue Magazine

And in that dream dressing room, I would have a giant, ultra fabulous mirror. That would always have gorgeous lingerie hanging off it, of course.

Image via Plush Palate

And in the closet of that dressing room, this would be my shoe collection. Someday (for reals this time), I will definitely have shelves for my shoes. They look so sad sitting on my closet floor…they need their own little homes!

Image via Design Darling

Ok sorry, dressing room/closet/shoe-talk got me all distracted. Back to the rest of my house dreams.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…floor to ceiling bookshelves, with a rolling ladder. This one WILL happen, mark my words. I especially love the idea of painting the shelves a lovely color like the blue in this photo. Makes it POP!

Image via Little Green Notebook

I have a slight obsession with funky, bright yellow furniture, so I’d love to have some awesome yellow chairs. I don’t love the shape of the ones below (really, those can’t be comfortable!), but I love the color!

Image via Peppermint Bliss

A couch at the foot of my bed. Preferably in some awesome color or pattern like the one below. This seems like a relatively realistic dream, right? And then just picture a fireplace facing that couch, and my super hunky man sitting there with a glass of wine, and little Lexie laying on the edge of the bed, and Billie Holiday playing over a record player…and…and…

Ok ok…back to reality. Just give me the couch.

Image origin unknown

A spiral staircase. Doesn’t get much cooler than that.

Image via Plush Palate

Super huge slanted windows. Simply stunning. Preferably with some amazing view outside as well, but I could pass on that if the windows themselves were all nice and huge and slanty.

Image via Peppermint Bliss

That blue couch. Ooohh…that couch. Old but new, stylish yet super comfy (so I am assuming). Perfection.

Image via Ruffled

Oh, or this couch (also Bailey McCarthy’s…girl’s got STYLE). That color, that tufting…oh, the luxury and comfort combined. I MUST have a couch this cool someday. My free-off-Craiglist-slightly-lumpy-totally-slipcovered-because-it’s-so-ugly couch just ain’t cuttin’ it after seeing these beauties.

Image via Rue Magazine

And finally, a loft or tower of some sort. Remember in Princess Diaries, how Anne Hathaway’s character’s bedroom was in a tower? (Which I just realized was some heavy forshadowing…duh. Wow…took me years to figure that out.) Anyways, she had to climb a ladder to get to her room. Well yeah, ever since seeing that, I’ve loved the idea of having to climb a ladder to get to my room. Makes it all secret-clubhouse/princess-in-a-tower. No practical for an adult, you say? Psshaw. Take your non-dreaming self elsewhere. This area is reserved for adults who want to live in towers. So there.

Image origin unknown

Thanks for dreaming with me today! I’d love to hear what your dream house is like! What’s the most random/coolest/craziest thing you want to have (or already have!) in your house?


2 thoughts on “Dreaming House

  1. alicia

    ha! i thoroughly enjoyed reading through this! those are some amazing photos and my “dream house” list is slowly accumulating to something ridiculous (ridiculously awesome!). thanks for sharing.

    1. Anwen Elizabeth Photography Post author

      Thanks for stopping by, Alicia! Glad you enjoyed reading it…I enjoyed dreaming it! 🙂


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