I’ve been friends with Jacquie forever. Well, actually since we were 13, but that feels like forever. We passed notes in 8th grade, played on the same volleyball team, had our Sweet 16 party together, and danced to NSYNC in my living room more times than we should admit to. Over 10 years later, we are still friends, shooting together, traveling together, and dreaming together. Jacquie is not only an amazing photographer, but she also started her own cupcake business, baby.cakes. I finally got to taste her delicious creations a few weeks ago, and let me tell you…they are divine. While I was visiting her in Orlando, we did a shoot for baby.cakes, with Jacquie and her friend Jenna as the models. I loved Jacquie’s vision for the shoot, and I think we really captured the essence of baby.cakes.


3 thoughts on “baby.cakes

  1. Jac

    I love that we’ve been friends for so long and have grown in different settings but still are on the same sort of path. You are an amazing woman and I look forward to seeing both of our lives unfold as we tear up this big bad world!

    On another note, thank you so much for all of your time and effort put into this concept shoot. I couldn’t have asked for more. Usually I’m so worried that a photographer won’t capture my vision, but with you I feel completely comfortable… we’re on the same wavelength creatively. I love that! As said before, you are a photography godess! Keep on rockin on sista! 🙂


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