Miriam | Newborn

I learned something at this shoot. I learned what kind of newborn photos I love most.

Here was the situation…baby Miriam came a little late, which changed our plans to do the shoot within her first 7 days. (Can’t control when babies want to come out!) I was out of town the following weekend, so we had no choice but to push the shoot back another week. I won’t lie, I was nervous, because newborn shoots usually are scheduled in their first week because that’s when you can keep them asleep the whole time, and get all those cute little cuddly poses. But, any older than a week, and it’s a toss up…they’ll either sleep (like a baby, hehe) the whole time, or they’ll be awake and kickin’ (literally). At a full two weeks old, I was worried she’d be awake and fussy, and those sweet sleeping photos just wouldn’t happen. And that’s how I’m supposed to do it, right??

Well, that’s what I was hoping for. But you know what…she was awake. She was kickin’. There were moments when she was fussy. But the photos I got to capture were real. They were family moments, the look in her eyes as she gazed up at her parents, the laugh on their faces as they watched her antics. The kicking feet and flailing arms…all those little movements and expressions that are just so…baby. Not to hate on the classic sleeping baby pics (because they really are adorable), but I think these are more my style. If I had a baby, I’d want his/her little traits captured. After all, a baby comes into this world already equipped with a little personality, so why not document it?

Sweet baby Miriam, your little personality is precious, and I could see in your parents’ eyes how much they adore you already. Thank you for flailing your arms, kicking your feet, and reminding me of how beautiful the little moments can be.



2 thoughts on “Miriam | Newborn

  1. Jac

    You did a great job! My favorite is the shot looking down through the mobile… excellent! That’s magazine material.


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