Williston Concept Shoot | Behind the Scenes

Annnd back to the week of the Williston concept shoot posts. (Wasn’t that sweet baby totally worth posting in between of all this? Yeah, I thought so too.) We’ve got the behind the scenes shots today, shoot styling review tomorrow, and we’re done. Whew! (Here are Part 1 and Part 2 of the shoot in case you missed it. )

Anytime I’m shooting with other photographers, I always like to take a step back for a moment and just watch them. How they move, what angles they are choosing, etc. We all have our own styles and go-to shots, so it’s fun to see how someone else works a shoot. Often if I observe an angle they are shooting from, it will inspire and push me to get more creative, to look for a killer angle of my own.

And, while observing photographers in their natural habitat, I also like to sneakily shoot them as well. Hopefully no one will kill me for posting these shots…I just love the candid shots! 

Oh, and I like to shoot the getting ready process too, when I’m around for it. We styled the models at my apartment, and Stephanie Bliss (who has graced my blog twice already–here and here) was wonderful enough to do Meagan’s hair and makeup, even though she was recovering from FOOD POISONING. Seriously. Food poisoning. Girlfriend is a rock star. The shoot would not have been the same without her ridiculously amazing dedication.

Alot of the props we used were actually items you might recognize from The Prop Shop, or just things from around my apartment. (I couldn’t resist bringing one of my ugly awesome yellow lamps!)

Fun fact about the truck we used…My great-grandfather actually made it, and it’s been in our family for a LONG time. I want to say something like 100 years, but I might be wrong about that. It has his name carved into the top, and on one side it has a train sticker from when the trunk passed through Gainesville at some point long ago. It’s definitely one of my prize possessions.

Time for those shots of my fellow photogs (don’t hate me, guys!). 🙂

Shoots are always full of laughter and silliness (best way for models/clients to relax!)…such as a little dancing…

Or playing around with an old tennis racket…

Animals are always a challenging aspect of a shoot…but it’s always worth it, because having a little puppy personality in the shots just makes the photo sometimes. However, for the first part of the shoot it was just us photogs and the models, so we had to take turns holding Frannie’s leash when she wasn’t in the shot. We tried just letting her wander around near us, but this is what happened:

Puppy attack!

Then the lovely Lori arrived, and she dog-wrangled for us. (Thank you!!!!)

And last but not least, a fun little group shot of the stylists/photographers. Chrissy and Sarah darlings…you are WONDERFUL. I am so blessed to call you both friends, and I look forward to shooting with both of you many times in the future!

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