For the Love | Under the Lights

Yes. I know. I did it again. I told you I would blog about one thing and then I blogged about something else. My bad, yo. I don’t mean to be all tricky, but I want to do the shoot styling post justice, and since it’s 10:15 pm on a Thursday night, and I just spent the whole evening cleaning (slash watching Titanic and The Blindside and crying like a little girl), I thought I’d rather put that post off til I can put some time into it.

Sidenote: Has anyone else realized that Kathy Bates is in EVERYTHING? I mean, it’s cool, because I love her, but she was kickin’ it in Titanic AND The Blindside tonight. Random. Yeah yeah…I digress…

Today, you get something a little bit different from the norm. Remember when I blogged about the photography group Sarah and I started, For the Love? Well, it had been forever since our last get-together, so Sarah had the brilliant idea to try our hand at shooting after dark. Unfortunately my hair appointment that afternoon lasted way longer than I anticipated, so I missed out on most of the socializing/cupcake eating/after dark shooting that took place. But the girls were nice enough to walk around and shoot a little more when I got there, so I got to attempt a little photography under the lights. Thank the sweet baby Jesus I have my new 5D Mark II now, because there is no way I could have gotten these shots with my old camera. I shot some with on-camera flash and some without (I am totally new to this after dark thing, ya’ll…if there is a better way, don’t judge! Enlighten me.), but I had the ISO yanked almost all the way up on most shots. There’s lots-o-noise, but I feel ok about it in these photos. Had there been people in the shots, noise would have sucked…but as is, I think it works.

So, these aren’t amazing, but I like how they turned out for a first attempt. Maybe one of these days I’ll get me some off-camera lighting and a willing model or two and really play around with shooting after dark. (Hint hint…anyone willing to model and/or give me off-camera lighting? Cuz I mean, that would be cool with me. 😉 )

Happy Friday, peoples!


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