Williston Concept Shoot | Part 2

And Part 2 it is! I said yesterday that I would talk more today about the inspiration that went into this shoot…but I think I’m actually going to save that for a post all it’s own. A post about shoot styling, collaborating with other photographers, shooting with friends. I’ve got too much to say (as usual), so I’d rather not clutter up these photos with alot of words today.

For now, I’ll let the photos do the talking…

Photographers/Stylists: Anwen Elizabeth Photography, Sarah Reed Photography, Chrissy Rose Photography

Hair and Makeup: Stephanie Bliss

Models: Meagan and Nate Weinstock

Assistant/Dog Wrangler: Lori Garrett

Stunt Dog: Francis (aka Frannie)

One thought on “Williston Concept Shoot | Part 2

  1. Mom

    Great shoot! That old building was a fascinating backdrop. The girl looks like a combination of the girl from Harry Potter and Emma from Glee. Many great shots!


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