Subtle Yet Sexy | Mila and Pucci

Who else just LOVED Mila’s Elie Saab dress at the Oscars? (Yeah, I’m on a first name basis with Mila Kunis. So what?)

I know I did. The tiered lace details and flowing chiffon were so glamorous, yet subtle. And the lavender? Divine. But, my absolute favorite part was the scalloped lace edge along the neckline. It took what could have been a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen and turned it into a dreamy, sweet, subtle yet sexy neckline. Apparently we are going to start seeing more of this trend, as it turned up in Pucci’s Fall 2011 line as well (photo on the right). 

I am always one of those people who worries that my neckline is too low (not that I’m exactly well-endowed enough to have any major concerns…must be a result of wearing uniforms for so many years–anything lower than a polo shirt neckline still feels low to me), so I would LOVE to see this trend hit the street this year. What a classy way to add a little subtle sex appeal into an outfit. Love it.

Mila Kunis photo via InStyleUK online, and Pucci photo by The Sartorialist


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