March Madness

Dear Boys-Who-Read-My-Blog,

First, I love you. Like, in the platonic-hey-thanks-for-stopping-by-you-are-super-cool kind of way. Second, there is something you should know. This post will not be about basketball. I know, I know, I teased you with the title. You thought I was going to infuse a little testosterone into this girly-girl blog of mine. Alas (for you), it ain’t happenin’. This post will in fact be about clothes. Clothes, clothes, and more clothes. So step away slowly, and your manliness will stay intact.

Lots of love,


Ok ladies, we ditched the boys and it’s just you and me now. And you HAD to know this post wasn’t going to be about basketball, right? But what other madness in March could I possibly be referring to?


Madness, yes? And I’m not even kidding. This is not a test. I am officially grounded from shopping for clothes/shoes/accessories for an ENTIRE MONTH. I may or may not have been shopping kind of a lot lately, and I’ve got some things I need to be saving up for. So, instead of continuing to drain my account and fill my closet, I’m cutting myself off.

I’ve been following the blogs of some closet remixing queens lately (such as Kendi Everyday), and I am feeling inspired…but not quite ready for a true 30 for 30 remix. Instead, I’m going to spend a month shopping my closet, rather than the mall. Good thing I got it out of my system last week, right??

Another goal during March Madness is to not wear the same outfit twice in a month. I can use pieces more than once, but never the exact same outfit. I think I can do it!

I haven’t quite decided whether I’ll be posting photos of some of my outfits…gotta work up the guts for that. We’ll see…perhaps I’ll get a flash of confidence and post a couple shots. Would you even want to see that? Is that totally weird to post photos of myself/my outfits on my photography blog? Would you want to see that? I would be going all style/fashion blog on you. I mean, I’ll probably just do it or not as I feel, but you are very lovely readers and I would love to know whether that’s something you’d be interested in.

So, this definitely wasn’t meant to be an outfit post (remember, I’m still working up the courage for that), but I wanted to share some photos my sweet friend Jacquie took of me this weekend. Like most photographers, I’m not exactly used to being in front of the camera. In fact, I felt like a total awkward turtle and tried (poorly) to bust out my best America’s Next Top Model moves (don’t laugh too hard!). ANNND, I wasn’t planning on getting my pictures taken, so I’m rocking day old hair, bangs that desperately need a trim, some very sad highlights, and an outfit I threw on to be comfortable while I was shooting. Then I suddenly find myself in front of the camera, wishing I’d showered and worn longer shorts. But what the hey…this is me, and I’m going to fake some confidence right about now and let you see these photos.

P.S. Red lipstick is my new favorite thing. It’s fabulous.

P.P.S. Jacquie dear, thank you for making me feel beautiful. YOU are fabulous too. 😉

(photos taken by Jacquie Milam of Project Life Photography and edited by me)


One thought on “March Madness

  1. Mom

    I keep changing my mind about which pic I like best, but I keep coming back to #2,3 & 5. There’s something thought-provoking about 5, though. Maybe, bec. you look like you’re deep in thought.


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