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Well hello there. Welcome to another edition of “Wendy Blogs At Lunch.” This time I have 22 minutes to get something entertaining up on this little blog o’ mine, so that all of you have something to do this afternoon. Sure, you are thinking, Geez, Wendy, that’s so pompous of you to assume that I’m going to check your blog this afternoon and will be hoping you have left a post to entertain me.

But, you are reading this right now, right? So ha. You WERE hoping I would blog today, weren’t you? I know, it’s because my blog is so fantasticly boring amusing. Well, thanks. 🙂

Did any of that make any sense? Probably not. You probably think I’m really self-centered now. Man. Mission so not accomplished. I really should stop speed-blogging at lunchtime.

Hmm…down to 18 minutes left. What to tell you…what to tell you…

I did Pilates last night, and I’m sore today. I also OD-ed on dark chocolate kisses afterward, but that’s cool, because I weighed a pound less today, so apparently my body was happy with that decision.

I also did a little online shopping yesterday, which always gets me in trouble. It doesn’t feel like real money when you shop online, right?? Yeah…I didn’t do toooo much damage, but that’s because I was major sale shopping–the ModCloth Cabin Fever Sale to be exact. Which was a little tricky, because it’s all final sale stuff (scary! no returns!), so mainly bought coats and scarves and such things that wouldn’t be so tricky to fit into. I mean, if a medium coat doesn’t fit me, then, well…that sucks. But I’m pretty stoked to have stocked up such awesome stuff for such ridiculously low prices. Want to see some of my loot? (8 minutes left to blog! Gah, computer is freezing…come ON little photo uploader! We are on a time crunch here!)

I’ve had a thing for scarves all winter…what’s one more (or a couple?) added to the collection?

And really, I want to keep wearing scarves even though it’s too warm now…so summer scarves are a MUST!

This bow was too cute to resist.

Cross your fingers on this one…it’s a risk and a half ordering a dress I can’t return. Yikes! But there is stretchiness at the waist, so maybe I’m good?

This coat has a hood. A furry hood. And it’s blue. And I love it.

I have a thing for coats. Which is silly for a Florida girl, I know, I know.

Yeah, that’s just a sampling of the goodness I got (and all for under $150…no kidding!)…I am thinking I may be putting myself on a shopping ban next month, because really, I don’t need anymore clothes.

And that does it for this installment of “Wendy Blogs at Lunch.” I kind of like this whole blogging at lunch thing! Makes me feel productive.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

*No, ModCloth does NOT pay me to promote them (don’t lie, you were wondering). I just have a slight obsession with them (as evidenced here and here), that’s all. But hey, ModCloth, feel free to throw some dolla dolla bills my way. No can do? I’ll even take a pair of shoes. Not that either? I’d even be down with a pair of gloves. Nope? Heck, send me some socks and I’ll be happy. No? Nothing? Ok fine…it’s all good. I still love you. And a ModStylist did tweet back at me yesterday, which basically made my day, so we are cool. XOXO.


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