I Gots Nothing. Except Icelanders in Coconut Milk.

I have ten minutes left on my lunch break. I wanted to blog last night so you’d have something to entertain you today, but I was busy doing things like crying through the end of Marley and Me, cuddling with Lexie and continuing to sob like a baby, and then watching Glee. Oh, and you know, doing other adult things in between. What? I meant like writing checks for car payments and bills and whatnot. Geez people. Grow up. I so obviously have.

So, even if I had tried to blog last night, it probably would have turned out like this post (random and totally awesome, right?), except less awesome because I wouldn’t have done all those things I just told you about. I would have just blogged…about nothing. Because really that’s all I’ve got today. I gots nothing.

I mean, I’ve got Twitter. Which is quickly becoming my new obsession. (Pathetic. But at the same time makes me feel oh-so-cool and hip and whatnot.)

But really, I don’t have much else to tell you. I’m going to Orlando this weekend for a shoot and to hang out with my friend Jacquie, so that should be fun and make for some way better blog posts next week.

Today though? Nothing of interest whatsoever. I’m sorry, lovely internet people. You came here expecting to be entertained, and all I really did was help you steal like 2 minutes of your company’s time. (Wasting time at work really is called time-stealing. Or something like that. Time-thieving? Time-hijacking? Whatever it is, you are so doing it right now, you time-burglar.)

 Ok, I have one minute left until lunch is over….so all you get now is a picture as random as this post. I mean, it’s from Iceland, and apparently they relax in giant vats of coconut milk. Who knew? RANDOM.


(EDITED TO ADD: My dad totally called me out on misspelling burglar. I had totally spelled it burgler. That’s wrong. Dur. Thanks, Dad. It’s up to us English majors to keep fellow English majors in check.)

Image via this blog, shot by this person


3 thoughts on “I Gots Nothing. Except Icelanders in Coconut Milk.

  1. Once_a_King

    I love reading these even when you got nothing to say — you say nothing so interestingly.

    I ain’t buying that’s coconut milk! That would be like the whole world output for two years and EXPENSIVE. I say its just yucky water that they believe will heal them or something.

  2. Once_a_King

    And, I’m being nitpicking here (American Nit-Pickers! One of my favorite shows) but you misspelled (sp?) BURGLAR and I mis-spelled (sp?) IT’S and maybe yucky isn’t even a word — but it IS communicative!

  3. Once_a_King

    PS you once said you could embed music in blogs — how does one do that? Do you have to upload an mp3 or a wma?


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