Riley Family | Haile Village Center

I love when I shoot at a new location, with a family I’ve never photographed before, and everything just clicks. (No bad photography pun intended. hehe.) I’ll admit, shooting somewhere I’ve never shot before is a bit of a risk, but I actually think it pushes my creativity during a shoot. I know that when I was doing Christmas mini-shoots at the Thomas Center last fall, I was fresh out of ideas by the time the last shoot ended. I’ve shot there sooo many times, and while I still love the location and I’m sure I’ll use it again, I just craved something new that would make me work for it a little more.

When the Riley family suggested we do the shoot in the Haile Village Center, I was all Yes please! I second-shot a wedding there last fall, so I was at least familiar with what it looked like, but I wasn’t the one responsible for the creativity that time. So, I met the sweet family by the fountain, I glanced around a bit, and then bam…off we went, my mind spinning with ideas! Also, since I’m still getting used to having the sun set a little later these days (thank you sweet baby Jesus, spring is here!), I scheduled the shoot a tad earlier than I would usually prefer….which made for some extra bright light. Fine, Mr. Later-Setting-Sun, push me out of my comfort zone, why don’t you?? 

Surprisingly, I actually LOVED shooting at that time, with all that sun streaming through the trees. The backlighting was making me so happy, and the shadows I got to play with were something I never get when I shoot closer to sunset. Hmmm…perhaps I’ve found my sweet spot, the time of day that’s just, mmm, perfect?

And one final note…this was my first shoot with the Canon 5D Mark II. Love. Love love love love. LOVE.

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