Gone Dotty

dot·ty[dot-ee] –adjective, -ti·er, -ti·est.

1. crazy or eccentric.

2. feeble or unsteady in gait.

3. very enthusiastic or infatuated (usually followed by about  or over ).

Hmmm…I’ve been seeing lots of polka dots out in blogland recently, and according to Mr. Webster, that means we are all losing it. Or we are just all so high on life (see: very enthusiastic) that we feel the need to slap some dots on everything we wear/carry/eat so that everyone else can join us in our insanity enthusiasm.

 Or…perhaps polka dots are just fabulous.

I’m going with the latter (considering I just bought a new polka dot cardigan and I’d like to think of myself as stylish rather than insane. Although on some days…)

In other news, I really like ellipses…


Jentine of My Edit rocks the dots in tight form.

You can eat dots too. Speaking of which…Dippin’s Dots! (A trip to the mall food court may be in order this weekend. I need me some Dots.)

via The Wedding Chicks Blog

Bailey of Peppermint Bliss carries pocket-size polka dots.

Kendi put them in her 30 for 30 remix this month…which means lots of dots to come!

Even Marc Jacobs likes polka dots. Pretty stoked that his Fall ’11 collection featured them so prominently…hoping Target/Forever 21/Old Navy/other-places-I-can-afford-to-shop will take note.

Photos by The Sartorialist

Really, we can’t talk about polka dots without giving some props to Mondo’s controversial creation on the last season of Project Runway. Did you love this dress or hate it? I think I loved it. Maybe.

Um…presch much? (FYI-“presch” is high school slang for “precious.” I’m bringing it back.)

Photo by Jessica Claire

Not exactly my style, but I still like the idea of polka dots on shoes.

Shoes by Miu Miu, Image via the neo-traditionalist

Loving the all-over polka dots on this dress. I used to have a red all-over polka dot dress, but I lost it….seriously, no clue where it is. (Get your minds out of the gutter…I’m pretty sure the laundry monster ate it.)

(P.S. These photos are from a shoot inspired by the love story of Paul and Julia Child…specifically the beautiful words from Paul, “You are the butter to my bread, the breath of my life – I love you my darling girl.” Makes me melt every time I watch Julie & Julia. You should definitely check out the rest of this lovely shoot here.)

Images via Green Wedding Shoes

And finally, polka dots aren’t just for girls.

Photo via The Sartorialist

Woah, wait! How did that get in here??

Hehe. Looks like someone is totally on trend for once. Boo-yah. 😉


3 thoughts on “Gone Dotty

    1. Anwen Elizabeth Photography Post author

      Oh snap! You are so right!! I should have been looking through my own photos for polka dot inspiration!! 🙂 You definitely get credit for bringing dots back. 🙂


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