Single and Fabulous (and Full of Chocolate)

Gainesville is a strange place to live when you are single and 25. I  call it “The Twilight Zone,” because somehow, mysteriously, every single one of my close friends is married or in a serious relationship. It’s like I’ve been kidnapped and dropped off in the land of married people…not exactly a prime location for a single twenty-something like me. Ok, you may think I’m exaggerating, or trying to get you to feel sorry for me on this day o’ love. But no, this is not the case. I’m just stating fact. There are very few single people in my age group in Gainesville. Everyone is either 21 and still in college, or close to 30 and married. Even the few people who are my age are already married.

But, that’s ok.

I love me some love, and I have no hate in my heart for Valentine’s Day, single or not. However, the bummer thing is, not only do I not have a boyfriend,  I also do not have a group of single girlfriends to go out and drink martini’s with on Valentine’s Day. It’s just one of those days where you feel like you should either be in the arms of the one you love, or out drinking with the girls and bashing all those boys who no longer deserve your love.

But, again…it’s a bummer, but it’s ok–because I have a solution to the lack of company on V-day.

I’m going to woo myself!

I’ve been learning for awhile now that it takes some effort to really love yourself properly…and you really aren’t loveable to someone else until you truly love who you are, inside and out.

So, I’m going to treat myself like the special lady I am…with a little bit of the sweet things in life. I’m going to get home from work and hit the gym for a bit (because my body needs some love too). Then I’ll eat takeout sushi and the chocolate I bought yesterday. (Boyfriend or naught, a girl needs some chocolate on Valentine’s Day. It’s a rule.) I’m going to settle in with a nice bottle of wine, my plate of deliciousness, my sweet little Lexie, and some episodes of Everwood (yes, that show that used to be on the WB/CW. I just got the first disk on Netflix, and I’m stoked to have a little Ephram in my life again).

And…I will just relax. I will just enjoy. Love myself. Appreciate my life as it is right now–single and (most of the time) ok with it.

(P.S. Just so we are clear, I am not some superhuman single woman who is a manhater and could care less about love and never feels sad when I’m single on Valentine’s Day. In fact, I am a little lonely today, if I’m being honest.  But I don’t intend on dwelling on that feeling, because I know that all-too-quickly that little lonely twinge can turn itself into a whole containter of Ben and Jerry’s and tears on the phone to my mommy. The loneliness is real, but it’s all about choosing how to deal with it. Drown the lonely in ice cream and tears? Or love myself, for the single, fabulous girl that I am? I choose the latter…because then I am happy, and I still get to eat chocolate. Bam.)


3 thoughts on “Single and Fabulous (and Full of Chocolate)

    1. Anwen Elizabeth Photography Post author

      Haha, it’s so true, Jacquie…we will miss them someday, but for now, we will have our cake and eat it too. 😉


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