The Perfect Sunday

It’s 1:23pm on a kinda gloomy Sunday. It’s Super Bowl Sunday actually, but all that really means to me is that commercials will be more entertaining for the next couple of weeks. And that Facebook statuses get kind of boring for the next couple of days, as I could care less whether the Packers or the Steelers win. (Sorry!)

So, I am going to be a totally lame awesome hermit tonight and just hang with Lexie. I did get invited to a Super Bowl party (just wanted you to know I’m not entirely lame), but I think I’d rather stay in tonight. Sometimes it’s just lovely to have an entire day where I’m not expected to be anywhere at any specific time.

I slept in til 11 this morning, and then I took my time making pancakes for breakfast. Then I watched Failure to Launch while cuddling with my puppy on the couch, and now I am going to get a little unhurried editing done. There may be a little organizing and tax preparing as well, but I’m not going to work too hard. Just because. Because lazy hazy days are lovely sometimes.

So, I shall hermit today. (You can verb anything. Don’t argue, I was an English major. I make my own rules.) And, since this post has nothing to do with anything, really, why not a few photos that also have nothing to do with anything. I snagged these shots when I was driving through downtown Gainesville…probably on my way to or from doing nothing that had to do with anything.


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