Savannah | Finally!

So. Savannah.

I’ve been teasing you with snippets since I got home, and finally—FINALLY!—I snuck a little time last night to edit the photos. You know me, I am terrible at narrowing down photos to share on the blog, so you get a ton of them. And the funny thing is, on this trip I actually didn’t take photos the first couple of days, so these photos are only from the last day and a half. Jacquie and I both felt the same way…as much as you want to take photos, sometimes it’s just nice to actually be in the moment, rather than experiencing it through a camera. I can’t tell you how many times I can barely remember a concert because I spent most of my time watching through my camera, trying to grab the perfect shot.

So, instead of shooting as much as we thought we would, we wandered. We shopped. We sat and talked over martinis and dinner for hours on end. We watched container ships glide by and looked for ghosts in pubs. We dreamed about the future, brainstormed new business ideas, and talked about our bucket lists. We teetered in heels on the cobblestones and spent a quiet hour browsing an antique store. We kept an eye out for Lady Chablis and stared in wonder at the grandness of the old Southern homes.

We just lived Savannah, and I loved every second of it.

It was misty and cold outside the day I carried my camera around, which actually gave the city an enchanted, quiet, mysterious feel.

Like the good little tourists we were, we took a trolley tour. The latticework on every house was so fabulous, and it was fun imaging who must live in such gorgeous houses.

I read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil before the trip, so I was particularly excited to see Mercer House! Apparently Jim Williams’ sister still lives there. Lady Chablis also still lives in Savannah, and it is now on my bucket list to see her perform at Club One.

I fell in love with all the little downtown apartment buildings…can you imagine have a balcony like those, or having an outdoor staircase like that? Even the name is enchanting…Henrietta Apartments. Seriously? Love it.

Right across the street from those apartments was a breathtaking cathedral. Can you imagine getting to hear cathedral bells each day?

On our last morning, it was yet again cold and misty, but we decided to head out to Tybee Island anyway. I couldn’t get enough of the pier and the seagulls…in case you can’t tell by the next 13 photos…

And here’s my lovely travel-buddy, Jacquie!

There were brightly colored hotels all along the beach…the colorful repetition was calling my name…

We stopped at Fort Pulaski on our way back into town, and let’s just say it was a ghost town (no pun intended…but totally intended). There were a handful of people wandering around, and we just happened to catch the authentic musket firing…which may have been the most exciting thing to happen at the fort all day. But despite being a less-than-exciting tourist stop, it made for some great photos…some of my favorite from the day actually.

And that, my friends, is Savannah…in a nutshell. I hope I get to go back sooner than later, and I promise, I’ll take photos of something other than Tybee Island next time. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Savannah | Finally!

  1. Jacquie

    I’m in love with that last photo – so good! Had fun with you on that trip. Can’t wait to go back sometime soon. 🙂 xxoo

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