Apparently I’ve been teasing people with my mentions of Savannah and the two photos I posted. I don’t mean to tease…really I just haven’t had time to edit all the photos yet, or time to sit down and really think about the trip for long enough to blog it justice.

So, I tease.

Which probably means my Savannah post (whenever it comes) is going to have to be EPIC or you will all be disappointed. Huh. Seems there is no way out of this besides impressing the pants off you people with my flowery words and fabulous photography. But alas, you will have to wait yet another day for the epic-ness.

Instead, you are teased YET AGAIN. Booyah…you know you like it. 🙂

On another note, I’m going to bed before 11pm tonight (small victory!). The To Do List is still glaring at me, but I made a little progress on some editing (and just blogged and totally exercised too!), so I’m calling it a night.



3 thoughts on “Tease

  1. Chrissy

    You’re such a tease. I totally know what you are saying though about getting behind. It gets to be so overwhelming. You make it look easy though…you’re such a pro. Can’t wait to hear about Savannah though. It is such a beautiful city.

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