Liam | Gainesville Children’s Photographer

I LOVE this kid. Liam Hunter, cutest little man on the planet.

If you saw my post yesterday, you’ll know that Liam is my best friend Jess’ little guy. Jess and I don’t get to see each other very often, so I hadn’t seen Liam since he was about 8 months old…and now he is 2!! He is walking and saying words…and he even has a full set of teeth! Totally crazy to see how much he’s grown up already. It was so special getting to capture him at this age…just chasing him around with a camera, watching him interact with his mom, his cousins, his aunt and uncle…he’s a little man!

He’s always on the move, so while I was hanging out with him I didn’t really get to hold him much. But right before I left, it was just Jess and Liam saying goodbye to me at the car, and he reached out for me. I took him into my arms and he put his head on my shoulder…just snuggled right in. Totally brought tears to my eyes, and made me wish so much that I could see him more often. But, if I only see him once a year, it will be worth it for one precious, cuddly moment.


3 thoughts on “Liam | Gainesville Children’s Photographer

  1. Mom

    Wow! I have a feeling you really captured some moments that Jess will look back someday and say, oh, I remember how he would move like that or make that expression. And that picture of Liam and Jess was perfect!

  2. Jess

    Awwwwww…….I teared up just reading your post! You’re the bestest friend and surrogate Aunt in the whole world. Big cuddly hugs from all of us!!!


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