It’s 2011? It’s 2011!

I just realized it’s 2011, and I got nervous. Or excited. Or some crazy combination of emotions that involves a little head-to-toe jolt and butterflies bouncing off my insides. But it’s a good feeling, one of anticipation and desire.

I’ve been catching up on reading some blogs I had neglected over the holidays, and it seems to be a major trend to either write a post about what you learned this year, or what goals you met (or have for the new year), or to just post photos from all your favorite weddings or photo shoots. Lots of reflecting, a little looking forward, but the overall jist was the same across the board—2010 was GREAT, but 2011 will be even better.

And suddenly, after reading some reflective posts from Jamie Delaine, seeing Jessica Claire’s new {amazing} website, and reading about how 2010 changed Emily Henderson’s life, it hit me…


It’s 2011.

2010 is over. Done. Finite. All of the good, bad, painful, happy, exciting, CRAZY, lovely, intense parts of 2010 are in the past. And you know what? I’m glad they all happened. They got me here, to this very moment, and even the painful ones were worth it.

So, rather than chronicle my best shoots, or list out my goals for 2011, I think I’ll just recap 2010. And I like things in lists, so if 2010 was a list, it would look like this:

  1. Boyfriend from Chicago moves to Gainesville and gets a job at the same company as me.
  2. Shoot first paid photography gig.
  3. Realize that photography is going to be more than just a hobby.
  4. Shoot my butt off (not literally). But in the photography-sense, literally.
  5. Rename (Lifestill becomes Anwen Elizabeth)–rebrand (no branding turns into a site and business cards)–re-everything (prices go up, new shoot types are added) my photography business.
  6. Shoot, edit, work my full-time job, and then do it all over again….and again…and again…
  7. Start second-shooting weddings.
  8. Do some intense soul-searching and self-realizing and come to some not-so-fun but oh-so-necessary conclusions.
  9. Break up with said boyfriend (who shall henceforth be known as ex-bf).
  10. Go into counseling to deal with some stuff and things (not ex-bf-related).
  11. Car dies, I buy a new one, and I re-sign my lease for another year…all in the same two-week time period as the soul-searching, breakup, and beginning counseling happens.
  12. Launch The Prop Shop.
  13. Doubt myself but keep pushing.
  14. Attend the Courtney Fries Photography workshop in Lakeland (and come away renewed and refreshed, ready to tackle everything again–and with some AMAZING friends too!).
  15. Book my first wedding.
  16. Co-found (with Sarah) a group for local photographers called For the Love. (Co-found makes me sound way cooler than I am, as the group is really still in it’s early stages. One meet-up down…lots more to come!)
  17. Book my second wedding!
  18. Get hired as a part-time freelance photographer for Home: Living in the Heart of Florida Magazine (in addition to my full-time job and regular photo shoots).
  19. Survive my second Christmas card season (and get paid for it this time around).
  20. Shoot my first wedding.
  21. Book my third wedding!!!!!
  22. Parents move from their house in Malabar (where I went to high school) to what used to be my grandparents’ house in Tallahassee.
  23. Go to my last counseling appointment, because I think I can do it by myself now. Because I am happy. Like…happy. And it feels GREAT.

Man…heck of a year, huh? I totally just let you see all the ups and downs, goods and bads. Yes, you, you lovely blog readers. And I was that honest because it all got me to here, to now, to the person I am today, to 2011. And when I look back over the craziness of that list, I realize how MUCH this new year could hold. Huh…see what I mean about that jolting, butterfly-ish feeling? Excited and scared and just…OPEN.

Bring it on, 2011. I can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store.

(Thanks to Sarah for taking this photo of me at Juliana and Eddie’s wedding.)


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