Francis Family | Alachua Family Photographer

Oh the Francis family…really, can you get much more fun than these people?? I’ve worked with Laura for two years now (two years, lady!), and I’ve gotten to know her husband Michael and her sisters (shout out to my cry-in-Harry-Potter buddy Holly and survive-Laura’s-bachelorette-party-in-Ybor buddy Amanda!) in that time. But I had only briefly met her parents, and let’s just say…they complete the Francis family. They bring the smiles and the fun, and I don’t think everyone stopped laughing through the entire shoot. I was cracking up, trying to hold the camera still while they told crazy stories about family jokes (hands on your hips!). I love love LOVE this family, and I’m SO glad we finally worked out everyone’s schedules to make this shoot happen!

(And if you think Laura and Michael look familiar, it’s because they’ve graced my blog before. I shot their engagement photos over a year ago, I took family photos for Michael’s side of the family, and Laura was one of my lovely models in the Blue Springs shoot {Part 1 | Part 2} that I did in the fall.)

Oh, and if you didn’t already love this family, check this out…shakey face! (Still not sure what shakey face is? Check HERE.)


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