Christmas Recap…in January. Yep.

Yes, it’s the first week of January. Yes, Christmas was over a week ago. Yessss, all the other good bloggers out there have already written their super reflective, fantabulous New Year’s posts. But hey, this is typical, right? I blogged Thanksgiving photos in December, so why not Christmas in January??

Either way, who doesn’t like looking at pretty lights and presents and thinking about Christmas loveliness?

So, I give you a glimpse into a Norman family Christmas….

Of course, we decorate a tree together. Usually we eat these delicious sugar cookies with mint frosting and drink hot chocolate while decorating, but this year the cookie making didn’t actually happen til after Christmas. But oh did it happen. I may or may not have eaten like half the cookies by myself. Yummm….

Another wonderful family tradition is to tease my cousin Jeremy (known lovingly within the fam as “J”) mercilessly. He’s the youngest of the bunch (and he’s 18 now! 18!!), so he was the one doing the cute funny things as a kid when we were all already old enough to remember it happening. I can’t even begin to explain all the jokes, but they involve an anchor, things being “faiwr and sqware,” some bathtime alphabet letters, and Barney. This year the silliness turned into a bunch of prank gifts for him, including a stuffed bear’s hat he actually wore as a kid, some Justin Beiber trading cards (because he totally has the Beiber-swoop going on right now), and a Barney coloring book. J is a great sport and takes it all in a stride with a good sense of humor and a smile on his face. Love that kid.

Ok, I’m probably going to look back on these photos and say WHY DID I POST THESE?? But oh well. I think everyone else needs to share in the ridiculousness that is a Norman family Christmas.

And then, of course, there is the traditional “cousins in front of the Christmas tree” shot. Plus Lexie.

Speaking of Lexie, she was SPOILED ROTTEN this year. So much cuddling and loving from everyone!

And then I obviously had to give her a Christmas present (or three!), which she insisted on opening herself.

Norman family Christmas traditions not pictured (but equally as important):

*Going out for Chinese food on Christmas day.

*A gag gift contest after all the “real” presents have been opened.

*Not picking up ANY wrapping paper or bows or boxes until hours after the present-opening is over.

*Burying a brother or cousin in above-mentioned mess.

*Eating cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning.

*Waking up to a present on your bed, which is always new pjs.

*Going to a movie with the whole family. Usually something Chronicles of Narnia or Lord of the Rings, but on the years when one of those isn’t coming out, we always find something else.

There are probably many more, but that’s what I’ve got for you right now. It’s time for me to get to bed, so the sugarplums and fairies can dance through my head. 🙂


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