Hello, I’m Crafty. Christmas Crafty.

It’s Christmas week!!! And I’m in a Christmasy mood. Which is kind of unusual, because sometimes I can be a bit of a grinch. Ever since leaving home for college, I’ve always made excuses for not decorating….too busy, too poor, too tired (all code for I JUST DON’T CARE). But, this year….this year is different. I have no idea why, other than the fact that all my blogstalking lately has shown me a whole new world of Christmas decorations–ones that are less “omg I love Santa and elves and Christmas music is my fave omg” and more “hello, I’m crafty…Christmas crafty.” 

So, I snagged a spare afternoon (a rarity these days, so you know I was feeling the Christmas spirirt if I spent my free time decorating), and I Christmas-ed out my apartment. Nothing major, a couple touches here and there. I wanted to put up lights and make a wreath, but it just didn’t happen. The lights are still sitting on my counter, and the branches that would be a wreath are stashed outside behind the bus stop in front of my building (because my one-bedroom apartment has ZERO storage and I live on the 3rd floor and we get fined for putting anything outside our doors). The odds of me making a wreath with the branches (if they are even still there), are slim to none. So, I light my Christmas Tree scented candle every night and pretend. 

Anyways, I digress. What I DID accomplish included hanging some ornaments from my ugly yellow lamps, cutting coffee-filter snowflakes for my windows, and making about a bazillion little tissue paper ball things (technical name: Tissue Paper Pom-Poms). You can see a Martha Stewart tutorial for making them HERE. (They are super easy…pop in your favorite chick flick…er…super cool sounding indie flick…and just fluff away! Oh, and I used ribbon, not floral wire. No need to complicate things, Martha.)  





Oh, and I decorated my cubicle at work too. We are having a decorating contest, which I so thoroughly LOST, since someone turned their cube into a ski lodge, and another person turned their cube into a gingerbread house. Total overachievers. (And yes, I’m just jealous.) 🙂 But I still think my blizzard is pretty excellent. 





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