Thanksgiving…in December. Because I’m a slacker.

Ok, so I know it’s the week of Christmas already, but I still haven’t shared my Thanksgiving photos on here! Chalk it up to a crazy combo of shooting a wedding, finishing up Christmas card madness, and my computer dying…but all that aside, I wanted to share some photos of my family at Thanksgiving before it was actually Christmas. So pretend you can’t see any twinkling lights out your window, look past anything red or green in your house, and get into the Thanksgiving spirit for un momento.

Thanksgiving may be my favorite holiday. It means relaxing, reading when I feel like it, napping when I want, laughing with my cousins, eating WAY too much food, spending time with my grandparents, and loving every second I’m in my grandparent’s house. I love it.

So here’s a little peek into what Thanksgiving is like in my family…

The boys relaxed outside while keeping an eye on the turkeys.

Yep, we had TWO turkeys. Fried (my favorite!)…

And rotisserie!

 My grandpa is the cutest.


My grandma still makes the best apple pie I’ve ever had.

And my uncle likes to look at my camera and then take sneaky photos of me.

My little brother recently got a melodica, and he made a super awesome video that you can check out HERE. Totally impressive! The best part is the face he makes at the very end…haha, I love my little bro.

My cousin makes the best mashed potatoes….

And then of course there are all the animals running around. This year we only had three dogs and a cat, but we’ve had 5 dogs, a cat, some horses and a donkey in attendance before. No joke.

One of my favorite things to do at my grandparents’ house is to sit at the breakfast bar and eat shrimp cocktail with my cousins.

And last but not least, I always snag a few shots around my grandparents’ house, just to embed everything detail of it into my memory. Their house is one of my favorite places in the world, and I love just wandering around with my camera, shooting whatever catches my eye. Sadly, I somehow deleted a memory card from Thanksgiving without getting the photos on my camera, so I only have a few photos this time. That’s the first time I’ve done that, and I was just sick knowing I’d lost all those little details.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving…in December. Because I’m a slacker.

  1. Mom

    Thank you so much, Sweetie! I love that you love going to your grandparents’ house. Thanks for those pictures!
    Love – Mom


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