Colton Turns One! | Gainesville Birthday Party Photographer

Colton-man is one?! How did that happen? I swear I was taking Jenny’s maternity photos like yesterday…but no, it really has been a year, and I’ve gotten to watch Colton grow up more and more at each shoot. I actually got to visit Jenny, Josh, and Colton in the hospital to get some shots of him when he was just a brand new little baby. Then we did his newborn photos at their house when he was about a week old, a two-part shoot when he was 6 months old (here and here), and now this little guy is a whole year old!! The Highlanders are the sweetest family, and it’s always so much fun hanging out with them during shoots. I spent most of the shoots cracking up with them, having to remember to keep shooting and not just laugh and chat with them. I can’t wait to see Colton-man grow up even more!!

Jenny did an AMAZING job on Colton’s orange and blue themed party (She made most of the decorations herself!!), and every detail was just perfect. I mean, there was even a BOUNCE HOUSE! Dude…a bounce house. That automatically qualifies you as the coolest kid on the block, so Colton’s cool factor is already set. I was at the party as a guest AND a photographer, so I kind of alternated between shooting and hanging out. Jenny is one of my co-workers, and alot of the people at the party were also from our company and are clients of mine too! So you just might recognize sweet Sophia, baby Bri, and the adorable Aaron and Alex in the photos below.

I have TONS more photos from this party, but I didn’t want to post photos of all the other kiddos without permission from the parents. (Plus, there was too much cuteness…it would take like 5 blog posts to cover all the adorable kids at this party.) So, if you and your kids were at Colton’s party and you would like the photos, shoot me an e-mail ( and I will send you a password for the gallery so you can see the photos (as soon as I have it up).

Happy 1st Birthday, Colton!!! 🙂


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