I have been shopping ALOT lately…like more than usual. I’ve always been a shopper, but my love for clothes seems to be getting worse the more fashion blogs I follow. So, since I’ve been on a bit of a shopping spree recently and need to tone it down a bit, and because it’s December which means I have lots of Christmas shopping to do, I am going to show a little restraint and NOT buy the things I’m totally drooling over right now. Instead, I will share the loveliness with you so we can all drool together.

Today (and alot lately), my obsessions are coming from ModCloth (my FAVE online store). First up, a new type of shoe I’ve never seen before…anyone know what these are called? Pump booties? Bootie pumps? Sweater shoes? Ha…no idea, but I’m LOVING this look…

Flawless Taste Heel – $64.99

Roasting Chestnuts Heel – $99.99

Ok, some my obsession lately has been shoes, so I can’t resist drooling on these as well. I’m in dire need of a new pair of red heels, so these babies just might be the downfall of my well-intentioned restraint. But not today…today, I just drool.

Sure Shine Heel in Crimson – $49.99

Gah, it comes in ecru (I’m guessing that’s the fancy word for nude?) too…I have never owned a pair of shoes this color. Realllllyyy wishing these were mine.

Sure Shine Heel in Ecru – $49.99

Ok, so you don’t think I’m only loving shoes, here are a couple other pretty things. This shirt would look awesome tucked into a high-waisted black pencil skirt (which I cannot wear well due to my badunkadunk, but a girl can dream…) with some gray pumps.

Morning Meeting Top – $37.99

I realized this morning when I was getting ready for work that I don’t have a brown coat, which is kind of lame. I’m going to keep an eye out for one similar to this…loving the ruched collar and how the coat tucks in at the waist. It looks so warm and cozy!

You’ve Been Warmed Coat – $129.99

Alright, that is all the drooling I have time for today. Lunch break is over, and it’s back to work for this girl. Ciao!


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