Sneak Peek | Ella

Boy was I in a mood last night! I promised myself when I started this blog that I would be candid, open, and honest. And that includes the bad days and the good…the exciting things and the hard things. I may not share every detail (no need to really bum people out), but I will be honest about having hard days. It’s funny how quickly moods can come and go though. It happened just like I said it would—I finished watching Eat Pray Love (or, I fell asleep on the couch right at the end), read a little Harry Potter and cuddled Lex before bed, and I woke up here in Gainesville, happy and ok with being here instead of Italy (or Bali or India…). It’s a new week, and it will be a good (and busy!) one. I’ve got a holiday party on Wednesday, which means getting to wear a new dress (yes, that makes me way happy), my second photo assignment for HOME Magazine is tomorrow, I’m seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (again!) with my brother later this week sometime, and I’m shooting/attending a one-year old’s birthday party this weekend. Add editing, blogging, and decorating my apartment for the holidays into the mix, and it’s the makings of a week that will be fun and BUSY. But, that’s how I like it, so bring it on!

So despite my moodiness yesterday, I did actually have a fun little shoot in the afternoon that was a bright spot in my day. My friend Sarah (of Sarah Reed Photography) planned a creative bridal shoot, just because it would be fun. She invited me along to shoot with her, which is awesome, and we had a great time at a new (amazing!) location in downtown Gainesville. Unfortunately, most of the great spots seem to be in uber sketchy areas, so we brought Sarah’s husband Jared along as our bodyguard/prop carrier. (Thanks, Jared!) The bride, Ella, was STUNNING (as you can see below), and she rocked the fierce face like no other. She said she was channeling Tyra Banks, which totally worked! Look out Top Model…Ella can bring the fierce.

Since the shoot was just for fun, I challenged myself in a couple of ways…

First, to take as few photos as possible. I tend to shoot A LOT, which is necessary in some shoots to capture the little moments I go for…but for shoots like this one, with one model and a controlled location, there is no need to snap away like I usually do. So I was trying to nail my exposure and composition every time. I shot probably a third of the amount of photos I usually take, which is pretty cool, because I still ended up with so many that I loved.

The second challenge for myself was to get creative, think outside the box, and try some different things. That is ALWAYS a challenge I give myself at shoots, because obviously I want every shoot to be creative, new and unique. But in the midst of Christmas card season, when I’m knocking out anywhere between 2 and 5 shoots a week, it’s easy to get a little stuck in a creative rut. So this shoot was refreshing, because I wasn’t getting paid for it so I wasn’t obligated to produce anything amazing. I was out there to have fun and shoot for me, pushing myself outside my comfort zone. I also stepped back and let Sarah direct the shoot for the most part, so it was fun taking the poses she set up and then working to put my own spin on them in how I composed the photo. (She did a GREAT job directing the shoot…she should write a blog post on how to pose models…hint hint Sarah!)

Anyways, to wrap this long post up, I was really pleased with the results of the shoot, and I can’t wait to share them all on the blog. Today you just get a little sneak peek…I have been having fun playing with my new 24-70mm 2.8 lens, and it grabs sun flare really nicely. The rainbow in the photo below was a result of some sun blazing down right over the roof of a nearby building…loving the effect it gave this photo!


One thought on “Sneak Peek | Ella

  1. Sarah

    Love it! I’m so excited to compare our shots — I love that we took the same thing and see it completely differently! (and I get the hint, I’ll work on a blog post, but really — Ella just rocked it!)


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