Those Moods

I’m watching Eat Pray Love. These days my life is a little more Edit Blog Work. Something about this movie (or I should say book…the book was better, sorry Julia Roberts) just gets to me. It’s a little unsettling to hear a character speaking words straight from the tucked-away corners of my mind. Sometimes I want to literally leave my life behind in search of something, anything…whatever my life is missing. And these days, I’ve been feeling less and less empty and more and more fulfilled by life, but still. I think there will always be a hint of wanderlust in my soul that sneaks up on me when I’m having a hard day. And today…well, I’m watching this movie, which means I’m in one of those moods where leaving everything behind (except Lexie) for new horizons sounds like an excellent plan.

But that’s ok. I’ll probably finish up this movie and then read some Harry Potter before bed. And tomorrow, I’ll wake up in Gainesville…and that’s a good thing, because that’s where I’m supposed to be. And tomorrow, I will be happy.



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