Blitch Family | Archer, FL Photographer

 It’s 10:13 pm the day before Thanksgiving, I’m leaving for Winter Haven at 7:30am tomorrow morning, and I haven’t even packed yet. Yeahhh…typical. So, rather than pack so I can go to bed, what do I do? I blog. Yep. Also typical.

However, in an effort to not completely ruin my day tomorrow by lack of sleep, I am going to limit myself mostly to photos tonight. This shoot is going to be blogged in two parts anyway, and the second part is definitely going to have a nice long post to go with it. So, for now, here are some photos from my shoot with the Blitch family last weekend…Happy Thanksgiving Eve, everyone!


4 thoughts on “Blitch Family | Archer, FL Photographer

  1. Mom

    This is one of my favorite photo shoots. The colors were so interesting in so many shots. The little girl was so photogenic and the settings for each shot was great. Family shots great too. Such interesting lighting and colors in this shoot.

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  3. Beth

    Clara you look AWESOME!!! Love the pics… Elizabeth is so adorable and you can tell loves to get her picture taken!! Tooo Cute!!!


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