Packaging | I Love Paper

I love paper. In any form really. Books.  Stationary. Thank you cards. Scrapbooks. Brand new lined notebooks for school (you know, way back when). Birthday cards. Snail mail. Notes passed in class. Post-its. Magazines.

If it’s any part paper, I probably love it.

So, when I ran out of the cards and envelopes I’ve been using to package the disks I give to clients, I got all giddy because that meant a trip to Michael’s was in order. (I may have a slight addiction to Michael’s, but that’s another blog post.)  I’m still developing my brand and identifying what makes up Anwen Elizabeth Photography, and product packaging has been a fun way to play a little bit with my branding. So I headed off to Michael’s, my credit card burning a hole in my pocket, thrilled to be going to paper heaven on a mission to actually BUY something! (I often wander into Michael’s and just end up drooling over things but knowing I don’t really need anything and leaving sad I didn’t get to buy anything.)  I ended up sticking with the basics of my packaging, but I added in a few extra touches here and there. I’m going to be offering some new products through the site soon too, which means even MORE packaging will need to be bought. Yay!

Here’s a little preview of what future clients will be seeing…


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