Sevilla Family | UF Campus | Gainesville Family Photographer

Ok, so I may or may not have had a hard time picking which photos to blog from this shoot…so I may or may not have blogged like twice as many as I usually do. I think it was the killer combo of a gorgeous family, fabulous outfits, a new location, and an architectural twist on my typical style.  I work with Yesi and she is one of my good friends, and I just LOVE her sweet family. They were actually one of my very first shoots last year, and it was just crazy to see how much the kids had grown up in one year!

Also, I want to point out that Yesi did an AMAZING job styling their outfits for this shoot. I typically give four pieces of advice on how to dress for a shoot:

1) Wear something you feel great in! If you feel great, your confidence will come through in the photos.

2) Pile on the accessories. If you look in the mirror and feel like maybe you should take off a piece of jewelry or choose  less-dramatic pair of shoes, you probably look perfect for a shoot. It’s kind of like stage/movie makeup…it looks like it’s just a little too much in person, but it translates perfectly into a photo.

3) Don’t try to match all your outfits. Just “go” together. Have fun mixing colors and patterns that are complimentary, and avoid putting everyone in the same color at all costs.

4) Embrace pops of color! Whether it’s your shirt, or a pair of tights, or a pretty piece of jewerly, a little bit of color can go a long way towards giving your photos that little extra sumthin’ sumthin’.

Yesi took in those tips and perfectly styled her lovely family. Lauren picked out some gorgeous teal tights and her cute teal flower headband, and Yesi built the rest of the outfits around that color. Grays, blues, reds, and blacks all complimented the pop of teal perfectly, making for a cohesive look that was anything but “matchy matchy.” Even Cooper the Puggle had on an argyle sweater! Haha…doesn’t get much cuter than that.

In this next little montage (or is it collage? I should know this…), I believe I had asked David to tell a joke, and like all boys his age, every joke had something to do with butts. Apparently this particular butt joke was a pretty funny one. 🙂

David was jumping off of everything, which made for some awesome shots.

Then the whole gamily wanted in on the action!

These next couple of shots make me smile, because they were special requests from Lauren and David. Last year when I took their family photos (see them HERE), I captured shots of Lauren and David with their dad, laughing their heads off. Well, they loved those shots so much that they wanted to get some similar photos this year. I love the look of total delight on their faces! Too cute. Maybe this shot will become a yearly tradition!

Like mother like daughter!

And as usual, couldn’t resist some outtakes…first up, the lick shot.

In the next one, apparently Cooper decided that modeling was a tough job and he was just over it.

I thought this was just cute. I kept making Yesi and Alex kiss, and they said I was like the paparrazzi, firing off shot after shot while they kissed. So, this is their “paparazzi” shot.

And this last one is not of the Sevilla family, but as we were walking around campus we came across this dude…he was jumping from wall to wall, and we were just guessing that he was practicing for that extreme street jumping sport (I think it’s called Parkour?). Anyways, we were all totally enthralled with how he landed so perfectly every time. Impressive!


3 thoughts on “Sevilla Family | UF Campus | Gainesville Family Photographer

  1. Once_a_King


    I am just blown away! I LOVE this shoot!

    At first I was going to say #1 blew me away. Then I needed to add #2 and #3 and then on and on. So many great pictures.

    I loved the one with the kids in the foreground and the parents kissing unfocused in the background.

    I could go on and on commenting on so many pictures I like (like the doggy tongue and the jumping — plus tons of others) but I don’t have the time.

    Yesi and family must LOVE this shoot, yes?

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