Slade Family Shoot | Thomas Center

I LOVE this family. Cristina is quite possibly the sweetest person I know, Jeremy is just plain awesome (he calls me the “picture lady”), and Bri is beyond adorable and such a good baby! How much sweeter could one family get? You may recognize the Slade’s from two other shoots I did for them this year (um, can you say AMAZING repeat clients??), which you can see HERE and HERE. I’ve gotten to watch sweet Bri grow up more and more at each shoot, and I don’t know how she manages to get cuter every time, but she does. I mean, those cheeks! Gah…chunky adorableness. She let me hold her for a bit at the end of the shoot, and it just made my day. I’m nowhere near ready for my own babies, but I will take every opportunity to cuddle them at shoots!

These first two photos are a couple of my all time favorites…

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