My Love for Ellipses & a Sneaky Peek

I feel like I keep doing these “It’s 11pm and I’m going to bed so this is all you get” posts lately…but oh well. That’s all I’ve got for you tonight…a little peak into the photo extravaganza that was this past weekend. 1 regular session, 3 mini-shoots, and a wedding reception. You’ll have to wait on the wedding reception sneak peek…it just wasn’t gonna happen tonight. But here’s a little taste of what’s to come from my other shoots. Love every one of these families, and the last 3 are repeat clients (which makes me smile big time!). Thanks to everyone for braving the cold! More to come…

P.S. Have you ever noticed how much I love ellipses…? I way over use them…but they just help place the right emphasis…or something like that. And can you tell it’s late and I’m punchy from sitting in front of the computer for over 12 hours today? I mean, I just professed my love for ellipses….yeahhhh….

P.P.S. Also a little horrified to realize that I sit in front of the computer for over 12 hours a day probably 4 days a week. That cannot be healthy. Yikes. Don’t really know how to fix that though….oh well. I’ll fix it for the moment and just go to sleep. Perfect…


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