Margaret, Richard & Barney | Thomas Center | Gainesville Photographer

Margaret and Richard are seriously the cutest couple. They contacted me after seeing Katie and David’s photos on Facebook (fist pump for social media marketing!), and we scheduled a shoot a mere 4 days later. Usually I schedule shoots a lot longer in advance, so I have a little time to get to know my clients through e-mails and brainstorming about the shoot. But we didn’t have all that time for a couple of reasons…first, Richard is a commercial helicopter pilot, and he goes on extended work trips in exotic places overseas. He was about to leave for a 6-week trip and they wanted to get photos before he left. So the second reason for the shoot is because their puppy Barney will be turning one while Richard is gone on this trip, so they wanted to get family photos before the puppy was no longer a puppy anymore.

Seriously, I told you this couple is cute! What great reasons for a shoot!! And Barney…well, he is beyond words adorable. His goofy grin and puppt antics made me smile through the whole shoot.

P.S. Richard is from England (Manchester to be exact) and at the end of the shoot I may or may not have totally asked if he has any single, British friends he could introduce me to. I meet this couple 45 mins earlier and by the end of the shoot I’m trying to date their friends. Ha…yep. That’s me. 🙂 Blame it on the allure of a British accent. I might need to start planning the British Isles trip that’s been in the back of my mind forever…I see Brits in my future…

I couldn’t resist throwing in this photo…I love catching dogs yawning. I might have to start a coffee table book or something. Hmmm….


2 thoughts on “Margaret, Richard & Barney | Thomas Center | Gainesville Photographer

    1. Anwen Elizabeth Photography Post author

      Awww thanks, Jamie! Just say when and we can schedule a shoot for your sweet family. 🙂


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