Enid & Sophia Mini-Shoot | Gainesville Baby Photographer

Enid and Sophia were my last mini-shoot of the day, and we must have somehow gotten the timing perfect, because Sophia was a doll the ENTIRE shoot. Seriously…when you are doing photo shoots with babies, you anticipate a little fussing and crying…no big deal, it’s just how it usually goes. Sophia must be an angel child, because she was all smiles and no tears–amazing! She must have loved her outfit as much as I did. Who could help but be happy in a skirt as cute as that one?? And those tights?? LOVE! Sophia’s outfit is from Mud Pie, an adorable boutique shop with some ridiculously cute baby clothes. Definitely a good place to look for photo shoot outfits. 🙂

And yes, as usual, I blogged a bazillion more photos than I meant to, but I just couldn’t resist…these two are just too cute!! Enid is simply stunning, and Sophia is such a beautiful baby. 

Thanks for a wonderful afternoon to all my lovely mini-shoot families! You are all wonderful.


4 thoughts on “Enid & Sophia Mini-Shoot | Gainesville Baby Photographer

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