Wacker Family Mini-Shoot | Gainesville Family Photographer

I LOVE this family! I did a shoot for them back in April, and we had so much fun. When they signed up for a Christmas mini-shoot, I knew it would be another afternoon of laughs and silly games…and I was right! We played redlight greenlight, chased each other around the Hipp courtyard like maniacs, and just had alot of fun. Yep…I basically got to be a kid for 45 mins, and I loved it!

I had to pull out all my tricks to convince the boys that being in a photo shoot was a fun way to spend an afternoon when you are tired and hungry, but I think by the end of it I had them convinced. For one shot, I was trying everything to get them to stand still for just a second, and I actually convinced Aaron that if he didn’t stand still, he would disappear from the picture (which if my shutter speed was slow enough would be true, but that wasn’t the case…but he didn’t have to know that!). He seemed genuinely concerned, and then Alex was worried too, so they stood super still and then came running over to see if they had shown up. Haha…it was SO cute, and it totally worked! We got the shot!


For this last photo, I thought I’d share what has become a Wacker twins signature pose. This photo was from this shoot…

…And this photo was from our shoot back in April. Haha…they love pointing at my camera!


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