Four Mini-Shoots. Two Days. One Big Dork.

I’m kiiiind of a huge dork…

I won’t even go into all the ways I’m a dork right now, because it’s after 11pm and it would take me hours to exhaust that list, but I can tell you this–I am a major dork during photo shoots. Yep. You know those sweet natural smiles and belly laughs you see in some photos? Yeahhh…I was probably cracking a really dumb joke (like this: Knock Knock. Who’s there? Orange. Orange who? Orange you gonna smile for the camera?), jumping around flailing my arms to get dogs/kids/horses/other miscellaneous participants to look my way, or playing spontaneous games of red light green light while people watch.

Oh yeah, I’m a major dork. But what the hey…it works, right? And I guarantee you’ll at least be entertained, even if it’s just because me falling on my butt or running in circles is pretty darn hilarious.

I had four (count ’em, FOUR) mini-shoots in two days this past weekend…crazy! And every shoot was completely different from the one before it. I had a family with teens and a dog, a family with 4 year old twin boys, a mom and her baby daughter, and a young married couple and their puppy. Haha…a little bit of everything!

Here’s a super quick sneak peek of each…don’t worry, I’ll blog each shoot individually, but I couldn’t resist teasing ya’ll a bit. 🙂

Blakely Family

Wacker Family

Enid & Sophia

Margaret & Richard (and Barney!)


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