Vickory Family Shoot | Historic Duck Pond Area | Gainesville, FL

The Vickory family is FABULOUS…for many reasons!

First, they are insanely flexible. I had some circumstances outside of my control occur right before our morning shoot, and they were amazing and agreed to do the shoot that afternoon instead. I soo appreciated their flexibility, and I’m so glad we made the shoot happen despite everything working against us.

Second, Susan was so involved in the planning for the shoot–from picking props out of The Prop Shop, to bringing her own props, to dressing her kids in outfits that “went together” but weren’t matchy-matchy. She also was really involved in deciding on the location…I scoped out new spots, sent photos over, we discussed the possibilities, and I think we decided on a winner. I love when clients are involved in the planning process and send me photos of outfits and ideas they have for their shoot. The more planning the better the shoot turns out, in my opinion. And plan we did!

Third, this family is just adorable. The kids were so much fun to play with, and the whole family was just so sweet. It’s always fun having kids in a shoot…I mean, I get to PLAY during the shoot! It’s seriously such a blast. We were jumping around in bubbles, quacking at the ducks, and the kids were taking turns being my assistant, picking out props to use, and setting up the shoot scene. They were little pros!

To sum up…I LOVED this family and I LOVED this shoot. 🙂

I couldn’t resist this little outtake. While the rest of the family was changing into their second outfits, me and the boys had a little fun with the ducks. Hehe…couldn’t resist! The boys thought it was a terribly amusing little game. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Vickory Family Shoot | Historic Duck Pond Area | Gainesville, FL

  1. Once_a_King

    The duckpond never looked so good! And, last time I drove by, within the last year, there were no ducks! Glad you had some to shoot.

    Loved so many pictures. You really captured some great looks/attitudes in the kids’ solo shots. Also, loved the three guys looking off into the distance.

    You probably know that when I was young it was the favorite “cousin” activity to walk down to the duck pond from Grandma and Pa’s house on 10th Avenue. Grandma would save up bread for us to take.

    Do you remember when we used to go to the “Thomas Center Christmas” when you were little we would walk down to the duckpond and sing carols?

    Also, here is something you probably didn’t know. When I first dated your Mom, last millenium, we would have date-night picnics at the duckpond. She was 19!!! (And she’s still just as cute, ain’t she?)

    1. Anwen Elizabeth Photography Post author

      Thanks, Steph!! 🙂 They are definitely an adorable family, and the ducks added such a fun little touch!

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