Polly & Gary | Hobby Hill Stables | Weirsdale, FL

Ok, so I promised I would tell you about one of the coolest parts of the day I spent with the Walkers and the Wimberlys…are you ready??

We were up on the hill getting shots of Gary and Polly with the horse and the airplane, and all of a sudden Gary is like…”You wanna go up in the plane?”


I got to ride in a 1947 single-engine plane, gliding over Lake Weir at sunset. You could feel every little bump and bounce, and I loved every little bumpy-bouncy second. Gary, thank you SO much for letting me fly with you. That was such a special experience, and it was one of those moments that just made me happy to be alive and doing what I do. 

And yes, I’m getting super cheesy here, it was just THAT awesome.

( I took photos from the plane, but that will have to wait for another blog post…I’m just teasing you all over the place aren’t I? hehe. yep.)

Something you may not know about me is that I actually have flown in little planes like this one a bunch of times before. I used to date a flight instructor (ooh la la, yeah yeah…it was a long time ago), and we flew in single and twin-engine planes pretty often. I kind of fell in love with flying (even though I fell out of love with that guy), so this was such a fun fun FUN experience. I used to say I was going to get my private pilot’s license someday, and maybe I still will. But it would be a looong time til that happens, so for now I’ll just enjoy all the random airplane rides I can get! 🙂

One last thing, since I’ve rambled a bit in this post (sorry, I’m watching Sister Wives as I write this, and if you’ve seen that show, you know it’s so bizarre it’s a little distracting!)…

Gary and Polly are one of the cutest couples I’ve ever met. They’ve been married 33 years, but for all you’d know, they might have been married 3 months like Katie and David…they are THAT in love. The little looks they would give each other, the knowing glances, the way they held hands while they walked, and the way Gary would tickle Polly to make her laugh. Seriously, it was ADORABLE. If I am that in love when I have been married 33 years, I will be able to say I’ve had a happy life.

Oh sorry, one more thing…the property they live on is called Hobby Hill Stables, because it’s a place them to enjoy their hobbies–Polly can ride her horses and Gary can fly his planes. They have a stable, pastures, and jumps on the property, and they also live right on a grass runway that they share with the little community they live in. They get to enjoy their hobbies in a gorgeous location, surrounded by the people and things they love. What a great life!

Now, with no further (rambling) ado…


One thought on “Polly & Gary | Hobby Hill Stables | Weirsdale, FL

  1. Once_a_King

    I loved the green expanse of the airstrip in so many of the pictures. And how strategic was the big “W” from your prop shop!


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