Behind the Scenes | Blue Springs Bridal Shoot

I don’t often have behind the scenes photos to share (ok, so I’ve never had behind the scenes photos to share…forgive, I’m just excited!), so I wanted to let you all in on what a photo shoot looks like BEHIND the camera. Lovely, ethereal brides floating in the water like nymphs? Gorgeous, yes…but not as easy as my awesome models made it look! It was a cloudy day, so even though it wasn’t actually cold outside, the nasty weather made the water even chillier than usual. I mean, we were in Blue Springs…as in, freakin’ cold spring water that will take your breath away the minute you step in. I was wading around most of the time, but I only went in up to my chest at the very end, and I thought I was gonna die….which made me even MORE amazed at what good sports Laura and Anna were! Their hands and lips were turning purple, and by the end they were visibly shaking. But can you tell in one single photo how cold it was? No sirree! They are PROS!

Not only were the models fabulously cooperative in the freezing conditions, so were my lovely lovely assistants, Yesi and Alicia! These ladies spent most of the time in the water as well, keeping our brides afloat in their flowy dresses. They were also pro accessory-switcher-outers–hence the flowers on their heads in the first photo below. They managed to hold headbands, earrings, and necklaces, all while swimming around and making sure Anna and Laura didn’t drown. Um…AMAZING. I could not have done this shoot without their help, and they helped me out just out of the goodness of their hearts.

Ladies…every single one of you is fabulous. Jacquie, your photos turned out beautifully, and your creative eye was fun and refreshing. Yesi and Alicia, you are super women, balancing brides and accessories and never complaining about the cold. And Anna and Laura…you are beyond amazing, gorgeous gorgeous ladies, and such GREAT sports. You let me play and create and just shoot my little heart out, all while floating around in flippin’ freezing water looking like you do this every day.

Love. you. all.

Enjoy a peek behind the scenes! Photos of me are courtesy of the lovely Jacquie Milam of Project Life Photography.


3 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes | Blue Springs Bridal Shoot

  1. Once_a_King

    I believe I could not be more literal if I say — this is COOL.

    By the way — there are (unsurprisingly) many Blue Springs. Where was the one you were at? (I believe even the “jughole” at Itchetucknee is called Blue Springs!)

    Speaking of the Jughole, My buddy Brad and I would go scuba diving down in the Jughole cavern after many divers had preceded us that day. So much expelled air had caught in the crevices of the roof of the cavern we could stick our heads up in the air pockets and converse while 20 feet down!

  2. Mom

    When I looked at your original Blue Springs pics, I had no idea there were two people holding up the girls. So cool to see the whole picture. Great pictures!
    Love, Mom


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