Katie & David | Hobby Hill Farm | Weirsdale, FL

Sooo…there’s this weird thing with 3’s…and apparently W’s too!

Confused? Well…

On Oct. 3, at 3:30pm, I (Wendy) got to spend an afternoon with the Walker and Wimberly families, at Hobby Hill Stables, located by Lake Weir in Weirsdale, FL. Katie and David have been married for 3 months (their wedding was on June 3), and Polly and Gary have been married for 33 years. There were 3 sweet dogs at the shoot. Oh, and their family PO Boxes are 3 and 33, and they live in zip code 32133.

Weirded out yet? Haha…there are even more crazy 3’s and multiples of 3’s in their lives, but those are the ones I could remember.

These two families were BEYOND WORDS fun to hang out with. Katie and David scheduled a shoot for themselves, but they were sweet enough to also schedule a shoot for Katie’s parents as a Christmas/birthday/anniversary/just-because-we-love-you gift. Since Weirsdale is about an hour and a half from Gainesville, we did both shoots at the same time, switching back and forth between the couples for about 3 hours. (Another 3!!)

The entire afternoon was filled with laughter, silly dogs, magnificent horses, antique airplanes, rolling fields, hay bales, and two couples very much in love. There was love that had spent years blooming and love that was fresh and new and just beginning it’s journey. Both were beautiful to witness and a pleasure to capture. I had the biggest smile on my face through the entire shoot, and I seriously called my mom the second I got in the car to head home, just GUSHING over how amazing the shoot was. (Thanks for always listening to me gush, Mom!)

There were so many great moments of the day, but since I’m only posting Katie and David’s photos tonight, you will have to wait to hear more about it all in Polly and Gary’s post. And, I haven’t even hinted at the coolest part of the day (for me at least!), so stay tuned for that…


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