Sebastian Ferrero Foundation | Noche de Gala | Silent Auction

I’m sitting here struggling with what to write, how to put into words want I want to say without using cliche phrases like “I’m so blessed to have this opportunity” or “I just want to share this gift I’ve been given.” It’s not that I don’t feel those things, and because I do, but they just don’t do it justice…and it just isn’t what I’m thinking, if I’m being honest.

Honestly…here’s how it went down…

A good friend of mine is very involved with the Sebastian Ferrero Foundation, and in particular their annual event, Noche de Gala. She recently asked me if I would like to donate a photo shoot to the silent auction they hold every year at the Gala, and my first thought was…(and here we go with the blatant honesty)…what exactly is the Sebastian Ferrero Foundation? I mean, I had heard of them, and I knew Sebastian Ferrero was a little boy who tragically passed away, but I didn’t know anything more about the story or why the foundation was formed. I think that makes me a little unobservant (or possibly just ignorant, yikes!), since I’d heard the name and seen their commercials, but I just never really took in the meaning of it all. So, I set off to do a little research before I agreed to donate to a charity I knew nothing about.

And I’m glad I did! I found out that the foundation was formed to help build a children’s hospital in Gainesville, so that children can get specialized treatment and avoid needless tragedies like the Ferrero family had to suffer through. Sebastian Ferrero passed away when he was three years old as a result of preventable medical errors, including a medication overdose, and the Ferrero family believes that a children’s hospital in Gainesville will ensure that children are treated in a facility designed and staffed specifically for them. They wanted to turn their pain into something positive for other families in their community.

Wow…cool right? I don’t have any touching story of why I’m donating…and I’m extremely blessed to say that this cause doesn’t hit close to home. Honestly…I just knew that after reading about the foundation and understanding their story, I felt like it was a wonderful cause to support and I’d be missing out on a great chance to help out my community if I didn’t participate. People who suffer tragedy in their lives and manage to turn it into something amazing like the Sebastian Ferrero Foundation…well, they are inspiring in every sense of the word.

So, I encourage everyone else to read up on the foundation, and if you want to help support the Ferrero’s cause, go bid on an item in the Noche de Gala Silent Auction. You can bid on the shoot I donated HERE…but check out all the other items in the auction too, because some really awesome things have been donated!

Here are the shoot package details:


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