Almost Midnight

It’s 11:46 pm, and I got home about an hour ago from second-shooting a lovely wedding. I am exhausted to my core, every bone in my body aches, and my right foot hurts…but it doesn’t matter in the slightest. I’m in a great mood, because I just spent the last 12 hours behind the lens. Seriously, I don’t know what I would do with myself if I didn’t have photography. Earlier this week I actually contemplated quitting photography. Self-doubt, insecurity, and straight up exhaustion became a toxic combo that made me question everything. Throw in my tendency to slightly overreact to things, and wowza. Not a great feeling. But the thing is, when I really did contemplate removing photography from my life, I just knew it wasn’t even an option. I can’t live without it…which again sounds a little dramatic, but seriously…I just know I wouldn’t be happy if I wasn’t taking pictures. So, I will probably continue to doubt myself, and I will definitely always be a drama queen, but I will never give up photography. My life would be missing an essential piece, and that’s just not ok. So, tonight I sit here tired beyond belief, but happy. Really happy.

And because I’m feeling so happy, I thought I’d share another photo of the happiest little baby in the world…


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