Blue Springs Park, High Springs, FL | Bridal Shoot | Part 1

Anna, Yesi and I have been planning this shoot since last winter, when it was too cold outside to even think about getting in the water. So we waited. And then we got busy. And a little busier. And then we realized it was about to get cold again…already!! So, we finally got a date on the calendar when we were all (at this point “all” had turned into two brides, two assistants, and two photographers) available, and we crossed our fingers that the first cold snap wouldn’t mess up our plans.

Well, the cold held off, but the rain wasn’t playing nice. We pulled up to Blue Springs in High Springs, FL with raindrops on the windshield and disappointment washing over our faces, as we thought our lovely plans had been ruined. But we were already there, with two fully dolled-up brides, so we decided to make it happen, rain or shine!

Amazingly, once we got parked and unloaded everything, the rain stayed at no more than an off-and-on drizzle…setting the mood with gorgeous light and raindrops on the water. We shot for over two hours, and Anna and Laura could not have been better sports. The water was FREEZING, which I didn’t realize until I went in at the very end. I mean, I knew it was stinking cold, but I had just been wading around for most of it. Going in deeper was so much colder! And these ladies were fully swimming around for alot of the shoot! Poor Laura’s hands turned purple at one point, and they were both shivering so hard by the end of the shoot.

But we did it. Rain, cold water, and busy schedules aside…this was hands-down my favorite shoot ever. Gorgeous brides, accessories galore, a bright blue spring, willing (wonderful!) assistants, an amazing friend shooting by my side…LOVED IT!

Oh, and kind of a side note…while this is technically a “trash the dress” shoot, I realllly don’t like the phrase “trash the dress.” I mean, whether a bride is slinging paint on her dress, rolling in mud, or just swimming around, I kind of doubt she feels like she is “trashing” the most important dress she will ever wear. I prefer to think she wants to a) wear her dress again and b)get photos with a little more artistic spin than the ones that can be captured on a wedding day, when protecting the dress is of utmost importance. So, all that said, I am taking suggestions for a new phrase to describe this kind of shoot. I’ve been thinking about it, but I just can’t come up with a phrase I like…the current “bridal shoot” isn’t cutting it, but that’s all I’ve got for now. So let me know if you can’t think of something better!

Super huge thanks go out to the following people for making this shoot happen:

Anna and Laura: Beautiful Brides

Yesi and Alicia: Ah-mazing Assistants

Jacquie: Fabulous Photographer Extraordinaire

Blue Springs: Lovely Location

Thank you ALL!! I couldn’t have made this happen without you. 🙂

Many more photos to come…I jsut couldn’t choose!! Stay tuned…


4 thoughts on “Blue Springs Park, High Springs, FL | Bridal Shoot | Part 1

  1. Once_a_King

    In general how about “Sass the Dress”

    For this particular kind of shoot how about “Splash the Dress”

    Still thinking.

  2. Beverly Livesay

    How about “validate the dress” or “dignify the dress”? I mean the dress is getting a serious workout here. Hmmmm, how about “work the dress”?

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